Abundant wireless Internet
for everyone

We’ve all come to expect fast, high-quality Internet everywhere we go. Yet, wireless demand is already outstripping supply in dense urban areas, while rural bandwidth and in-building coverage lag behind.

To keep up with the rising demand for bandwidth, the FCC has worked with industry leaders to create the CBRS rules for shared spectrum as a new model for adding capacity at a low cost. By aligning on industry standards, Google is helping the CBRS ecosystem bring better wireless Internet to more people in more places.

What's needed for CBRS to thrive?

Unlike today’s cellular networks, CBRS will consist of densely packed radios from multiple providers all sharing the same spectrum, and sometimes even the same network.

That changes everything.

Sharing solutions

Sharing solutions

Existing network tools and services are insufficient. Whether it’s the need for rapid, cost-effective network planning, algorithmic solutions to hard problems like network coexistence, or powering the core for network sharing, today’s solutions need to be reconsidered from the ground up.

Accurate geospatial data

Accurate geospatial data

At a foundational level, density requires a more detailed awareness of surrounding real-world objects. Accurate nationwide geospatial information is needed to drive intelligent decisions for propagation modeling, network optimization, and interference management.

Cloud scale

Cloud scale

With CBRS, network operation is dependent on the cloud. Solutions need to operate at scale so that critical components remain highly available no matter how large the overall network becomes.

Google technology for the CBRS ecosystem

New Services for CBRS

To ensure long-term success for CBRS network operators, Google is bringing to market a suite of cloud-based products and services.

Google geospatial insight

Utilizing the same geographic data and machine learning algorithms that feed Google Maps, Street View, and Google Earth, Google creates a highly accurate geospatial picture for better propagation modeling and optimized SAS channel assignment.

Google reliability and scale

Operators can deploy and run CBRS networks with confidence, knowing that they can rely on the same large-scale infrastructure and processes that already support billions of customers on products like Search, Maps, YouTube, and more.